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Sponsorships are the primary funding support for the Veteran Games. For this reason, we greatly value the support of our sponsors in making the Veteran Games happen and ultimately, in supporting our Veteran community.

When considering potential sponsors, we’re looking for those who are aligned with our values, as outlined within our Ethical Charter Framework.

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Veteran Games 2023 Obstacle Course

Our Ethical Charter

The Veteran Games is a proactive health initiative, focusing on physical and mental health outcomes for all involved, while working to shape a positive and aspirational contemporary Veteran narrative.

Our Ethical Charter (below) guides everything that we do, directing our team to make decisions aligned with our vision, values, principles and promises.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve cut-through results by reaching, communicating and connecting with Veterans – creating meaningful engagement and action. This will directly improve the mental health and wellness of thousands of Veterans and their family members across the country.

Veteran Games will be designed to focus on the development and conduct of in-person community engagements and events. With the need to facilitate what we term as an increase in ‘mental fitness’ activities, to enable Veterans and family members to get together, connect, decompress, problem solve and better enable resolution and support before the need for more qualified services or clinical interventions.

Our Values

Purpose provides the motivation we need to successfully achieve our highest levels of performance and to push ourselves to reach our full potential beyond that of service.

Key Outcomes

  • Address key aspects of the ongoing mental health and suicide crisis within the Veteran community, particularly for younger demographics who are highest at-risk.
  • Provide a year-round training and connection focus for Veterans, proactively improving physical and mental health.
  • Instil a sense of purpose and identity by training for a competition that celebrates our military background.
  • Create opportunities for greater Veteran community interaction, including family and friend connections.
  • Provide opportunities for the wider Veteran business community to collaborate and gain amplified exposure.
  • Develop a positive and aspirational contemporary Veteran narrative.
  • Provide a platform to attract key stakeholder support and commercial opportunities, further amplifying positive awareness.
  • Provide a catalyst for shifting Veteran culture within Australia, that can also expand to reinforce this in-kind with our global allies.
  • Collect event feedback & initiate a range of opportunities for study and research initiatives.

Our Promises

  • Sponsors

  • Community

  • Operators

  • Society

Promises to our Sponsors
  • We will select sponsors who are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of Veterans.
  • We will work with you to meaningfully engage and positively impact our Veteran community.
  • We will prioritise sponsors who are working to positively impact upon issues of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance.
  • We will ensure rigour, due process and transparency in our selection of sponsors.
  • We will challenge you constructively when you fail to live up to our values.
  • We will only engage with sponsors that are committed to providing safe products, services and work environments for our Veteran community.

If you are unable to commit to a sponsorship, we appreciate your interest in making a donation to support the Veteran Games.